How To Register Your Business on Google

How To Register Your Business on Google

Today, I would like to share my exciting experiences while registering our two new satellites or offices in San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. My name is Chris Wycoco, CEO and Founder of Wycotax LLC. Currently, we have two offices in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas. We started our journey in Tax, Bookkeeping, and Payroll in 2015 and have been running for seven (7) successful years. The company had ups and downs, particularly during two (2) years of pandemics. Moreover, we are blessed to still operate despite of world crisis. To start with on our topic, How to register your new satellites or office on Google?

Steps by Steps Guide to be able to Register your new offices

First, register to Google to get the code for verification.

Secondly, Submit the videos and photos of your new satellites or offices.

Third, submit documents such as business registration, license permits to operate, and sales tax.

Fourth, Submit Certification to the State of Texas.

The Certification to operate or business license is a vital requirement. The Sales Tax would do maybe lease agreement to your landlord on that location. Therefore, all these documents needed to comply with Google requirements. You can successfully operate and find your target clients or customers on google. Your targeted clients or customers are easy to find, and in the same way as your clients, they will easily locate your offices. I hope you learned something new today.

Thank you