How we help our customers in COVID-19

How we helps our customers in COVID-19

How we help our customers in COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected many individuals and businesses in different industries. Most small businesses are closing down due to financial challenges. Employees are getting laid off because their employers need to minimize their costs. A lot of negative things are happening in the economy. In spite of that, businesses continue to strive and keep their staff no matter what. That’s what Wycotax has been doing for the past months. We continue to serve our clients while maintaining our employees to help them recover from the financial struggles brought by the pandemic. We treasure both our customers and employees so that we can survive the health crisis together.

WYCOTAX Performance Report  


No matter how tough the challenges get, Wycotax remains open to address the needs of the customers in terms of accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation. Rather than getting defeated by the pandemic, we choose to strive, persevere, and work hard because we know that there are a lot of people needing our help, including our customers and employees. 

Amidst this pandemic, Wycotax is glad that it was able to accomplish such a significant milestone. With all the customers demanding our services and with the help of our employees who refused to be defeated by COVID-19, the company remained steadfast.

Here’s our performance report for your reference:  

  • Tax Credits & Deductions – $4,589,903 
  • IRS Audits Resolved – $421,091 
  • EIDL – $275,400 
  • PPP – $155,895
  • Shared Work Program – $34,725 

Those are the services that became helpful to our previous and existing customers. Tax credit and deductions formed a big part of our success for the past months and we are happy that we have provided our clients with such good benefits. Although the tax season this year has been very challenging, we survived the struggles and we will continue to do so until the health crisis is resolved.  

What we are doing to help our employees?

We believe that one of the most affected during the pandemic is the employees. To help our staff go through the hardships during this period, we refused to lay off any of them. We think that it will be best for both of us if we keep each other.  

When it comes to adjustments, we ensure that our employees are safe from the virus. We did some arrangements so some of them can work from home. Some who are going to the office make sure that they will only come if they need urgent matters to address. In the normal course of our business, we encourage them to stay at home. This is a way Wycotax is ensuring that its employees are healthy and safe no matter what.  

At Wycotax, we also guarantee that the adjustments will not affect our performance, especially the quality of the services we provide to our customers. Our topmost priority is our clients. We also encourage our employees to be as dedicated as before although there are changes and the new normal has come.

What we are doing to help our customers?

Our topmost priority is always our clients. Our new strategies and adjustments are made to benefit them. Since our new normal is online, we keep our customers motivated and updated by getting in touch with them through social media.  

We are currently doing Daily Video for our customers on Facebook and Youtube Live and here are the highlights of our daily updates.

Monday Motivations 

It’s a day where the week is before you and possibilities are endless. Begin the week with the right attitude because your positivity is a possibility of your reality. At Wycotax, we provide clients with things that can motivate them despite the challenges at this point. We reserve this day to be an inspiration to customers who are afraid of uncertainties.  

Tax NO Tuesday 

Tuesdays are for tax advice. We want every client to learn as much as they can during this pandemic. The government will not be that lenient in terms of tax filing, so, might as well use this time to discover how to make your life easier with our expert tax recommendations. Learn some of the top business tax tips that make the most of your dollars and maximize tax credits. If you can save on tacos, you can save on taxes.

Wednesday Webinar

Business management is one of the significant aspects of a business. Many clients outsource their accounting so that they can focus on the most important process of their company, which is the management or the operation. We reserve Wednesdays for webinars that will surely help you survive challenges. What you do not know is your greatest liability. These web sessions can be used to gain knowledge, ideas, and strategies of how you can run your business successfully. After all your business should give you time and financial freedom to do things you love for the people you love the most.  

Thursday Live Chat 

Thursdays are for questions and sharing. We want to make this day so productive for you that we invite different personalities to attend to your inquiries. Here, you will learn a lot of information and perspectives from different people. Hear and learn from our array of guests of influencers and business owners. In able to take your business to the next level, you need to listen to successful people and apply what they did because other people’s experiences are still the best ideas you can get. 


Friday might be the last working day of the week but your productivity doesn’t stop here. We want to make sure that you accomplish everything on your list and to help you with that, we prepare something new on this day. Let Fridays be your coffee days! Series of short video clips that provide tips and tricks you need to help grow your business. You can learn anything with a cup of coffee!

Your business health matters to us. WYCOTAX will continue to help you as you battle against uncertainties at this time of the pandemic!