What To Do When Things Are Falling Apart


In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, businesses, and families all around the world are experiencing massive loss. I can still remember last week of March when the lockdown was ordered in Cameron County. It was 8 pm, I was driving from Brownsville to Harlingen. I was just driving but my mind was somewhere else. It was an automatic reaction of having feelings of uncertainty cloud my thoughts.

The first thought that crossed my mind is that this is our peak season and we just barely open this second office and then we have to be closed indefinitely. I was starting a new venture and I still have not even recovered financially. I asked myself why things are falling apart and not according to my plans. Having to deal with a pandemic is not something everyone saw coming but I guess life is surprising in all aspects. I can wallow in these worries or I can try to think of ways on how I could recover and where to go from here, and as a leader, I had to choose the latter.

At these trying times, it is more important to consider the welfare of my employees. It is not my life alone, but also theirs that will be affected. They have families they have to provide to. And doing nothing would mean more lives suffering. More than being an entrepreneur, I am a leader and a human. It is only proper to make sure I compensate my employees’ efforts by giving them their paycheck on time because they have a family to feed and have bills to pay.

Bearing that in mind, I believed that no problem could ever defeat a heart full of hope. I made the situation my motivation to keep going and finding solutions. The moment I got home, I looked inside my room and turned it to an office. I told to my team if we cannot offer our services locally, we will do it virtually. We will find ways. We produced videos after videos, webinars after webinars, live chats all that we can do just to have an online presence. Let us go as far as we can see, when we get there we will know how to get further.

As long as we have reasons, we can find the means to make things work.

It was indeed a difficult time where there is a lot of adjustments to be made but all thanks to these technological advancements that we were able to pull through. At the moment we are all working from home and the good thing about that is that we can all spend time our families and just be there for them at a time they need us the most. To watch over them and be with them as much as we can. Knowing that my team are in good health and that they have peace of mind that I will be with them through this and that I will never see how they take care of their loved ones as something to use against them, truly becomes rewarding. After all, I want a dynamic and united team that is founded with respect and trust.

This journey would be one for the books with me and one thing I learned is that life is not just earning for a living, but finding reasons to live for. Knowing you are doing something not just for yourself but also for others is what makes life worth living. It is what makes you human after all. Loved ones and other people around you will be your motivation and foundation to bounce back, to fight and to enjoy the journey called LIFE.

Just remember when things seem falling apart, they might be falling into the right places.

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